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Old black and white photo of my great great grandfather, William Cornall, standing next to a house in old denim work clothes, wearing a plain broad-brimmed hat and sporting a full mustache and beard.

My great great grandfather, William Cornall

Hi. My name is Glenn Dixon, and I have been researching my family history since 1998. I am deeply indebted to my mother, Millie, who used to interview relatives in the late 1950s and early 1960s every time we vacationed in either Iowa or North Carolina. I am also very lucky to have run into Pat Hageman who was managing the Moultrie County, IL USGenWeb site and who graciously sent me paperwork connecting my family tree from the mid-1800s in Illinois all the way back to the early 1600s in Ireland. Yes, I got very lucky!

Since then I have spent countless hours researching in libraries and court houses nationwide, as well as many trips to cemeteries. I have taken pictures and video in states from Delaware to North Carolina to Iowa and almost everywhere in-between. The places and cemeteries are numerous as our family has been here in North America since 1689, almost one hundred years before the Declaration of Independence!

I have tried several different software programs and web programs over the years, and I still haven’t found what I consider to be the perfect or ‘ideal’ way to share my family history with other Dixon descendants, but for now everything is housed over at

During 2015 I will be cleaning up the genealogy database (now approaching five hundred names!) and adding more information and narratives here. Enjoy!